Feltham’s Favorite Ready-Mixed Concrete Supplier

Evident Ready Mix leads in devising a strategy of the concrete industry about innovation, service, product development, resource efficiency, and liaison with customers. Our team knows all the practices of constructing projects in Feltham. By choosing us for Ready-Mix Concrete Services, you will get your job done according to your specifications.

Concrete Services in Feltham

Holding an amazing history of reliability and technical expertise, or product development, we design every product considering different applications, such as commercial, agricultural and industrial applications or home construction. Evident Ready Mix products concede with recognised quality assurance schemes and comply with suitable European or UK standards. We deliver satisfactory service to every concrete construction job and offer the highest quality concrete that can be mixed on-site, assuring you only have to pay for what you require.

On-Site Mixed Concrete in Feltham

Here at Evident Ready Mix, we deliver different types of concrete mixes and despite your requirements, our on-site mixed concrete assures you do not have to pay extra than you require. The technicians easily and quickly calculate the amount of concrete required and mix the right quantity you need on-site with creative volumetric mixing mobile equipment vehicles. The economical and effective strategies you follow confirm you can count on us to get the highest quality Feltham concrete at a reasonable cost.

Floor Screed in Feltham

If you require a floor screed for installing the underfloor heating system or for a commercial car park project, the floor screed mixed by Evident Ready Mix in Feltham is unmatched. Serving clients over the years, we have extensive experience mixing, supplying and laying floor screeds for commercial, household, and industrial application types, so despite your needs, we are here to help. Our technicians are fully skilled and well-trained, so you can have complete peace of mind.

Boom Pump in Feltham

Our boom pump in Feltham delivers services in the lowest, highest, and tightest spots where a trolley or mixer truck cannot reach. Accordingly, it becomes an ideal choice for working at heights and throwing from above directly. The boom pumps have a hydraulic long arm that lifts and puts the concrete pumps hard to reach areas. This is the best solution when your worksite is high up, like, in a multi-story building or behind some building, like, in the garden of a house without back access.

Ground Line Pump in Feltham

Ground line pumps easily and quickly deliver concrete to the desired pour location, also if it is far from the road, behind some building or on the road with many obstacles. Ground line pumps from Evident Ready Mix in Feltham are perfect for large volumes of concrete that consume more time in delivery. The ground wire pump reaches up to 150 meters and can be extended if needed.

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