Onsite Concrete Mixed Screed

Evident Ready Mix offers a comprehensive of conventional ready-to-use concrete mix screed materials to satisfy unique yet particular requirements. In addition to improving product quality, materials supplied in this agile way can provide significant productivity advantages on site. This mixture is accurate for all traditional floor screed applications, such as, bonded, non-bonded structures, monolithic, and floating screed.
A high-quality ready mix screed performs with all the characteristics of Evident Ready Mix. In addition, it also enhances the strength, and the drying time is about half of the traditional floor screed.
Compared with on-site mixing screeds, it has several benefits, such as higher strength, shorter drying time, and great workability.

Benefits of Concrete Screed Mix

High Performance

Evident Ready Mix demonstrates superior strength characteristics when examined.

Great Workability

Compared with conventional screed formulations, it has great workability. The advantages of lower moisture content will never reduce the material’s performance in this area.

Speedy Retardation

Due to the formation of a cement retarder, the average retardation time is 12 hours from the date of manufacture. Hence, the material can still be used in one operational day.

Improved Shrinkage Protection

Compared with on-site mixed screed formulations, concrete mixed screeds show a lower moisture content, so these screeds significantly lessen the possibility of shrinkage difficulties.

Ready Mix Screed

The screed is the filling substance of the floors. It is used to smooth the surface for more finishing, such as embracing it with floor tiles, or carpets. Most of the time, admixtures are required to improve their properties, like fibers, to enhance their surface appearance and load-bearing capacity.

Several ready-mixed mortars are prepared with a ratio of cement to sand and concrete ranging from 1:3 to 1:4.5. Enhanced screeds incorporate additives to enhance the performance of official screeds. If needed, this can allow for faster drying time and additional strength. It improves the smoothness of the floor’s appearance. Evident Ready Mix Limited is a concrete supplier agency that provides you with the best concrete screed mix. Our expert professional team will support you pick the right mixture and offer you on-site mixing when you require it. Below are the typical applications of on-site mixed screed:

  • Steps
  • House floors
  • Garage floors
  • Industrial floors
  • Conservatory floors
  • Shed/bases or garden-room floors
  • Workshop floors or warehouse floors

In the end, what defines the success of the project is the quality of the ready mix screed.

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The Evident Ready Mix series of traditional and flowing floor screeds offer high-performance and cost-effective solutions for residential and commercial buildings.

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