Concrete Line Pump

If you are searching to transport concrete to restricted access areas, such as passing buildings and nearby obstacles, then a concrete line pump is the perfect choice for your project.

These line pumps are also termed ground pumps. The pumps are essential for any construction project of the right size.

Although their operations may seem simple, to take full advantage of them requires the professionalism and skills that are only possible with several years of concrete business experience.

As the well-known supplier of concrete line pump in the UK, the evident ready mix gives the solution to serve you the right transport concrete. Just connect hoses and pipes to the hopper for hydraulic pumping; it reduces the workload and lessens the risk of disorder. By choosing us in the UK, just put down the trolley and get higher efficiency to the recent project.

Working of Line Pump

In short, this type of pump uses hoses and steel pipes to deliver concrete to where you want it.
It is placed on the ground, (therefore, the other name for the ground pump) and bypasses several obstacles (working vehicles, trees, buildings, etc.) until the outlet pipe is located where the concrete is required.

The pipes were fixed in place to stop additional movement, and then we began pumping the concrete. Mixed and Fresh concrete of the highest standard will be delivered where it is required.

Why is Evident Ready Mix the right choice for line pumps?

There are many reasons why Evident Ready Mix is ​​a perfect choice for some construction projects. You can check the customer’s feedback on our website and then, assure your decision.

No one can beat the Evident Ready Mix when it is about providing the right value for money. It applies equally to pumps and the concrete we pump.

The ground line pumps we have can pump 150 meters with the ground, allowing us to move to any destination easily. With a flow rate of up to 120 cubic meters per hour, these are not only suitable for difficult-to-access areas, but also an economical solution for any large dumping.

As a standard, we offer a 50-meter pipe and pump operator for our surface pumps. Additional pipes can be established with our office staff but at an additional cost. UK’s experienced concrete line pump technicians can beat any obstacles and offer you suggestions and work with you to get a solution that satisfies your needs.

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