Concrete Boom Pump

Evident Ready Mix focuses on boom pumps, that is professional truck-mounted equipment. It can be quickly installed when ready-mixed concrete is about to be delivered.

These have a long uptime to assure that they are competent enough to handle deliveries of any scale at any time and anywhere. These are particularly suitable for on-site projects. However, deliver a large number of products, enabling members of the small construction companies and construction industry to pump concrete quicker and achieve outstanding results.

The integrated control system using high-level hydraulic technology can pump concrete smoothly and maintain a uniform flow rate. Since hydraulic equipment balances the equipment and reduces backlash, the equipment can provide specific control even in tough environments. They have radio remote controls, which can place concrete accurately.

These include several jobs, from foundations to RC frames, swimming pools, extensions, and basements. Evident Ready Mix can pump either quantity within demanded distance.

We send a well-trained operator to support in meeting your specifications and assure that the concrete delivery of any project is managed carefully and professionally. The operators quickly install it to the aspired location.

Once the plant is set, we will encourage you to call the ready-made concrete supplier and the operator will elevate the product to the desired location on delivery. This is passed to the site through a 30m pipeline.

Concrete Boom Pump Services According to Your needs

If your project requires ready-mixed liquid screed or concrete, we can also arrange it for you. If it is within our probable delivery range, we can provide you with customized concrete mixtures mass-produced from our own factories. But, if you are not within this range, we will be obliged to work with the concerned suppliers if you hire us!

Please contact the concrete pouring professionals immediately for further queries. We are pleased to reply to any questions you have about our services.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why Choose concrete boom pump from Evident Ready Mix?

When you hire us, you will accept a fully skilled concrete pump operator as part of the transaction. Every pump operator is able and can offer you the information and guide you on where and how to put the concrete pump and explain any additional queries you have about the process.

2. What is the time duration of Concrete Pumping?

The time required to move concrete through a concrete pump relies on the type and volume of concrete pump used.

3. Is it required to do additional work for Concrete Pumping?

Consider that it is only the client’s responsibility to give a receptacle or appropriate area for the pump hopper that has product leftovers on the site. We do not provide or deal with waste disposal. The pipeline also needs cement for grouting the pump before the beginning of the pump.

4. What is the boom pump price your company charges?

Well, there is no fixed boom pump price; it depends on the services you are opting for. At Evident Ready Mix, we offer high-quality boom pump services suitable for residential or commercial construction work. To get exact quotation, connect with our executives.

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