Floor Screed
Floor Screed

Ready Mix Floor Screed

Evident Ready Mix has a modernized volumetric on-site concrete mixers fleet, offering superior cement and sand floors for architects, individuals, general contractors, and those who wish to buy the most competitive conventional floor screed mix.

The flooring screed mix contains the screed material (the highest quality fine sand, CEM1, and water) in various compartments. It mixes and makes the batches on-site to build a floor iron of around 10 cubic meters flat.

Since the vehicles are categorized and mixed on-site. Hence, there is less chance of over-ordering or under-ordering. As we make the screed fresh, therefore, it is highly useful and simple to consider.

Evident Ready Mix also can develop customized and professional products when required. The skilled professionals are there ready to assist you as per your requirements and practicing the ready mix floors series.

The screeds are manufactured in the factory with expert manufacturing abilities, considering the British and European standards.

More information on Flooring Screed Mix

The floor mortar mixing series will be retarded for a certain period, usually 12 hours, so it can still be used in the working day. Moreover, enhancing the product quality, matters outfitted accordingly also provides higher productivity benefit on site.

Self Levelling Screed

Evident Ready Mix is an excellent liquid screed resolution. It rests at the screed technology forefront.
It is an environmentally friendly and economical construction solution that provides customers with self-compacting, self-levelling, and flowing matters. Its laying speed is 10 times that of conventional concrete screeds, which generates a lot of labor and time costs-savings.
At Evident Ready Mix, we take a manageable and customized way to support the buyers better in each place where we operate.

Evident Ready Mix Flooring Screed Mix

We provide a conventional 4:1 ratio fine sand cement floor screed mix, which is normally used for every basic household purpose, to provide a smooth and uniform final surface texture.

Floor Screed Additives

We can add a retarder to the floor mortar mix to provide up to 8 hours of delayed setting and/or polypropylene fibers, which helps control cracks.

Advantages of flooring screed mix


We mix the screed directly on-site upon request. This provides more opportunities to accommodate changes of plans without performing amendments to the budget.
It also enables using the screed additives and accelerators as required. Mixing screeds on-site overcomes landfill and garbage and even decreases carbon footprint.


Its price is competitive as contrasted to ready-mixed screed. The reason is that it does not include the premiums to process in shipping and factories over the site.
Because site mixing enables more flexibility in adapting to plan changes, there is greater control across unexpected costs.

Skilled workmanship

Due to greater flexibility and better cost control, professional contractors prefer on-site mixing rather than ready-mixed screeds. If strict quality control measures are taken on-site, the use of a power mixer or screed pump can help produce a screed mixture of the same quality as the screed mixture produced in the factory.

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