Retarder Admixture

Concrete Retarder Admixture

Retarder Admixture provides additional functions and properties to ready-made or hardened concrete. The retarder admixture is a method of including a retarder to screed/concrete to reduce the water ratio in the mix and enhance the setting time. Usually, it is carried out at a greater temperature. Precisely, it is because of the retarder that the concrete has gained a 24*7 working capacity. We at Evident Ready Mix offer the best quality concrete retarders at a competitive price relatively.

Briefing Retarder Admixture

In the practice of ready-mixed concrete, the concrete is formed in a central batching plant and then carried to the worksite covering long distances, which might consume a considerable amount of time.

Why is retarder the first choice?

  • Improves the concrete setting time
  • Promotes concrete workability
  • Improvement in concrete appearance
  • Increases creep rate and drying shrinkage

Various types of Concrete Retarders

In general, the categorization of retarders relies on their properties.

Organic Retarders

  • Lignosulphonates
  • Phosphonates
  • Sugars
  • Hydroxycarboxylic acids and their salts

Chemical or Inorganic Retarders

  • Borates
  • Phosphonates
  • Salts of Zn, Pb, Cu, Sb, As

Concrete Retarder Admixture Uses

  • It is most basically used in summer concrete.
  • The retarder is sprayed on the formwork surface to reduce the mixture hardening at the interface between the formwork and concrete while hardening the remaining concrete.
  • Concrete Retarders are used in oil well grit and large construction projects.
  • It is usually used where concrete must be transported and poured under challenging conditions.
  • It is also used for discharging consolidated castings that do not form cold joints, and also used for grouting in oil wells.
  • For all these projects, the cement grout needs to be kept in a fluid state for approximately 3 to 4 hours, even if it does not solidify at high temperatures.

Retarders on concrete effect


The compressive strength initially of concrete is limited than the compressive strength of homogeneous concrete

Rational value and practicality

Retarders have a limited effect on the concrete practicality, they will increase the initial deceleration by 60 to 100 mm.


Due to the delay of the coagulation process, the retarder component is always easy to ooze out.

Air Entrainment

Inhibitors usually do not penetrate the air, but there are different types of retarders. Particularly, according to hydroxycarboxylic acids, they can decrease the air content.

Freeze-thaw cycle

The air-incoming mixture is usually used to improve the freeze-thaw concrete resistance.

Volume Distortion

The addition of retarders must not transform drying shrinkage and creep shrinkage but plastic shrinkage may develop somewhat.

Heat of Hydration

Penetration will not lessen the heat production of concrete, however, the peak temperature will increase, letting the concrete become concrete.

Slump Loss

In order to lessen the slump loss and improve the initial function, the admixture has proven to be efficient.
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