Advanced Onsite Mixed Concrete

Evident Ready Mix is ​​the UK’s recognized name in on-site concrete and screed mixing supplier, providing standard mixes for batching plants in a convenient on-site mixing method.

Our all-in-one screed pumping truck and concrete pumping truck can transport, mix and pump materials in one truck. This means you no longer get a separate screed pump or concrete pump. And with Evident Ready Mix, you are only paying for what you have, no wastage is there.

With the incorporation of screed pumping and concrete pumping, we also provide more traditional transportation methods, including small dump trucks, direct casting, and trolleys, etc.

Concrete on-site Benefits

Every concrete order is mixed and proportioned according to the highest standards, with the best materials to assure flawlessness. Not only this, because it is cement mixed on-site, you can ensure a fully cost-effective service because of several benefits, like:

  • No part-load charges
  • No over ordering
  • No under ordering
  • No waste

Just approach Evident Ready Mix to manage the concrete on site delivery, we will provide you with a free quote and arrange a suitable delivery time.

Where is the advanced onsite concrete used the best?

When it comes to projects under the on-site mixed concrete category, the scope of the project is very wide. Basically, high-end projects are those that need this kind of concrete more. We will meet the quality and strength specifications stated by your contractor. The mixture we offer can also be used for sidewalks, driveways, paths, garage walls, paths in extensions, and gardens in front of your house and behind office buildings.

What Difference Evident Ready Mix Makes?

  • When hiring us for concrete mix on-site services, you never have to pay extra than what you use, even if your initial order is higher than what your building actually uses.
  • Our Advanced Onsite Mix Concrete, especially on-site concrete mixes, meets the specifications and requirements.
  • The trucks for concrete mixing are specifically designed to mix up to 10 cubic meters of concrete, therefore we are ready to meet your requirements.
  • The concrete on site we offer is fresh and mixed in the shortest possible time in your presence.
  • We also give free information, guidance, suggestions, and advice. We believe in developing relations, not transactions.
  • The ordering method is so simple that even new buyers will encounter no problem ordering with probably quick deliveries in the UK.

We assure you that the consistency and blend of the on-site concrete are something you have never undergone before. The prices are economical and this mix on site concrete can be used in every type of construction like; for an outhouse, building, hut, patio, office, floors, garage, etc. So, those looking for mix on site concrete near me then, choose Evident Ready Mix!

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