Ground Line Pump

Ground Line Concrete Pump

The ground line pump can easily and quickly move the concrete to the pouring site. Despite the obstacles in the process, Evident Ready Mix is ready to give quality services to its eminent customers.

The concrete pumps offer excellent efficiency for construction projects, especially those carried out in locations with restricted access. Our ground line concrete pump can traverse the most challenging locations as well, whether winding around corners or squeezing in narrow alleys. It indicates that concrete transportation will neither be delayed nor remain complicated. The pumps deliver concrete quickly without any mess- this is one of the most effective concrete delivery methods.

After mixing and transporting the concrete in the vehicle, the pump will transfer the batch to where it is required without any fuss.

Benefits of Concrete Pump

  • Perfect choice for work sites with accessibility issues
  • Precise length for pumping the concrete long distances
  • Lessens manpower necessities
  • Accelerates concrete delivery
  • No spills or waste, absolute cleaner delivery method,

Concrete Calculator

Calculating the quantity of concrete required for the job is difficult, particularly if you are using it for the first in the project. Much of the concrete volume may cause unnecessary costs, while less concrete volume implies delays in the work. Fortunately, our concrete calculator solves the estimation problems and unveils the concrete required according to your project requirement.

If it is the quantity of concrete for concrete slabs or the calculation of the amount that needs to be mixed with coarse aggregate, we have solutions.

Working of Ground Line Pump

The mixed concrete is released from the concrete mixer vehicle to the hopper of the pump. Particularly from here, it is pumped with the pipe to the desired location. The pipes are laid carefully near the ground to assure that the concrete approaches its destination easily and does not overflow.

Determining the amount of concrete you require for a project is a confusing task, you can check our easy concrete calculator to make sure you order the correct quantity.

To know more about how Evidentreadymix can assist you with ground line concrete pumps, approach us! We feel proud to be the well-known supplier of ground pumps for commercial and domestic customers in the UK.