For any onsite task, concrete/cement is the most used material. But the question is which type of concrete? Well, concrete has many types. To be true, ready mix concrete is a tailor-made product developed in factories. This is made when batching plants as per clients’ needs or special instructions.

It offers top sustainability and it is durable in a worksite. Additionally, RMC is made under the instructions or guidance of experts and engineers. So, with an assurance of durable structure these days, it is a majorly required material on the working site.

Basically, here in this write-up, we have mentioned the main kinds of RMC (ready mix concrete). Also, put some focus on the numerous perks of RMC.

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An Overview of RMC And Its Types

Usually, ready mix cement is created in big plants with special requirements of contractors. Later the contractor sends it to the transit mixer placed on the construction field. Ready-mix cement is a full combination of coarse aggregates, sand, cement, or water. If we compare ready mix cement to other cement, it is environment-friendly.

Combining the ready mix cement is very easy because it can be done in a packed room or other space. Moreover, it doesn’t pollute the air or create noise pollution while mixing them.

What Are Three Kinds Of RMC?

There are mainly three main types of ready mix concrete that are famous globally. So we have mentioned them below with a brief explanation.

A. Central Ready Mix Concrete

This one is the first number on the list. Additionally, the central mixed plant is a batch plant (wet). So here, the concrete mixes well and later batches inside the mixer in a plant site before you place it over a truck mixer.

There are many perks of central-mixed concrete, such as:

  • It is flexible
  • It has a production capability
  • This concrete is a high-quality control

Moreover, it decreases any type of damage over the truck mixer drums

B. Shrink Ready Mixed Concrete

Shrink-ready mixed concrete is next on our list. There are many builders that prefer shrink RMC to enhance the capability of the truckload.

Also, cement gets mixed at big factories which helps in shrinking the volume of concrete. When it is in transit, at the construction space, the balance mixing of cement gets completed.

C. Transit Ready Mixed Concrete

Now last but not least is transit-ready mixed cement, or you can say truck mixed cement. This is a popular material where the cement is combined properly for mixing in a truck mixer. Moreover, it is batched at a central plant. Additionally, it lets you use the cement first on a job site.

Also, here you will never face slump loss problems and hardening issues. These problems are generally caused by delays in shifting it from one place to another. Are you aware that the best part is the vehicle that carries transit mixed cement is comparatively smaller in size than central-mixed concrete?

So, truck mix concrete is also a great choice for construction work.

What Are The Perks Of RMC?

Now we will discuss some great benefits of opting RMC for a construction project. It has some major approaching factors that attract a contractor to choose it. So, have a look over them!

1. Cost-Effective

Ready mix concrete cuts the transportation cost, which means zero chances of damage. So, automatically this will save your money. It means you will save the equipment price, storing cost, and transportation charges. Further, it is beneficial for the environment because it doesn’t create any noise and air pollution.

2. Flexibility and Premium Quality

The top-notch quality and flexibility in using cement are best for constructing a structure. Years ago, construction contractors explored the best concrete by their mixing flexibility.

But now, with the changing time, the techniques have changed. It works as a top-quality material for the best construction. Moreover, with the help of flexibility, the construction work has already become very flexible and simple. Also, contractors can use ready mix cement for newly designed and high-tech quality projects.

3. Long Lasting

As you are aware that RMC is usually customized. Hence, it is best to use specific client requirements for various projects. Moreover, it guarantees a mix of cement is equipped with uniform quality and it is used for unique working site needs.

Wrap Up!

So, have you got enough knowledge of the most popular ready mix cement? We hope this guide is helpful for you. While working you should calculate ready mix concrete needed for a particular project. But how? Simply, you can connect with us to know about concrete calculations.

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